Missing ration coupons

Historical Snapshot of Swiss Wartime In May 1945 during world war two, Georg Wenger from Basle submitted a complaint slip to the Swiss Post Office. This was a complaint that his order to a garage called Schimd in Frick was never delivered. The war had left its mark on Switzerland. Whilst Switzerland was never invaded,

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Zanzibar attraction

A philatelic journey of adventure Zanzibar a former pirate stronghold in the Indian Ocean, a tiny paradise of pure white sandy beaches, crystal clear blue waters and shady palm trees. This is how it probably looked in 1873 when at 5 pm in the evening in St. Gallen, 8000 kilometres away, a letter with an

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Highlights which we are proud of At our auctions we have witnessed some fantastic moments and would love the opportunity to share them with you. Here you can find some highlights of our latest auctions. Letter featuring Basel Dove. An exceptional piece with particularly lovely relief.   Decorative folded letter with very well preserved rare

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