Company Timeline

Rölli Auctions & Philately: A Success Story

Over a period of 60 years Rolf and Beatrice Rölli developed a passion for stamps. They learnt their craft from the ground upwards and their hobby became a profession. In 1975, they founded our auction house. In 1987 daughter Christina Rölli joined the company. We run our company with great personal commitment and continue with our passion for philately.

Rölli Auctions & Philately Success Story:

2022: The company ceases its auction activities and focuses on online auctions as well as the sale and brokerage of stamps, postcards, coins, etc.

2021: Peter Suter leaves the company for health reasons.
Christina Rölli becomes sole owner and managing director

2018: Renaming of the company to Rölli Auktionen AG and relocation to the current company headquarters in Rothenburg near Lucerne

2016: Re-branding of the company and launch of new website

2013 / 2015: Senior Principals Beatrice and Rolf Rölli-Schär pass away

2010-2017: Implementation of two additional online live auctions

2010: 50th Auction – a wonderful successful event with 220 attendees

2008: Introduction of our live online auction – participating in our auction via the internet becomes a reality

2006: Renaming of the company to Rölli-Schär AG

2005: Relocation to Seidenhofstrasse 2 in Lucerne with our own auction room. New corporate identity and new website

2004: Transfer of management to the second generation of the Rolli Family

2003: Peter Suter joins the business

Since 2001: the catalogue is now produced in full colour, Layout is created in house

1994: Office upgrade to PC based computers

Since 1990: Jürg Horni holds post of Auctioneer

1987: Christina Rölli joins the company

Since 1986: company starts to auction international items

1981-1986: Rolf Rolli-Schär is President of the Swiss Stamp Dealers Association

1985: Office relocates to Seidenhofstrasse 10 in Lucerne

1980: catalogue is produced using magnetic cards and the IBM 360

1977: Office relocates to Luzern the Kapellgasse 21

1975-1990: Peter Frey holds post of Auctioneer

1975: R + B Rölli-Schär AG auction house founded in Horw, Kanton Luzern

1963: Beatrice Rölli-Schär starts to create today’s auction house

1945: Rolf Rolli- Schar begins stamp collecting