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Philately at the Cape of Good Hope

The blue stamps were smuggled out of the South African town of Mafeking on a letter on 9 May 1900. These stamps are the silent witnesses of the prevailing war at that time, the Boer War.  These stamps are the witness to the creation of the Scout movement which came about as a result of the war. A secret postal service using children and teenagers was organised in order to be able to maintain contact with the outside world. Over a 100 years later the Mafeking letter turned up at the Rolli Auction.  The rarity of such stamps driven by the fascination of the participants at the venue and by online bidders resulted in a memorable battle for ownership.

Zanzibar attraction

Letters travel the world over. So did such a letter which was posted in 1873 from St. Gallen to Zanzibar. Even in this day and age this remote destination still seems exotic. What is even more astonishing is that this letter which probably related to events in the St. Gallen cotton industry found its way back to Switzerland. With great attention to detail Rölli Auctions and Philately prepared and auctioned this unique lot. The exotic nature of this letter rubbed off creating an atmosphere of excitement during the auction until it changed hands at almost 10 times its starting price. Yet another highlight at the Rölli auction.

Homage to a life’s work

It was 1972 when Mr. M. from Lucerne first discovered his passion for Philately.  This passion was driven by his realisation that such fascinating but unobtainable art works, were often featured on stamps.  Over time Mr. M. amassed a collection of 150 albums which stunned Rölli and Philately Auctions. The collection comprised stamps from the most diverse eras, genres and regions.  After his death, Mr. M.’s life’s work was sensitively divided and auctioned by Rölli Philately Auction. A task which could only be taken on successfully by our team as we have the right experience and an eye for detail.

Historical Snapshot of Swiss Wartime

It was during the second world war – a time of rationing due to a shortage of supplies – when the Swiss Postal administration received a complaints form. A resident from Basel complained that they had not received a package containing 10 ration coupons for charcoal. Such ration coupons were painstakingly collected to be used for car engines. Because the consignment was not sent by registered mail the whereabouts of the coupons could not be established. This complaints slip finally ended up in the safe possession of Rölli Philately Auctions where as a piece of Swiss history it awaits a new owner.

Good fortune knows no boundaries

It was always anticipated that the Chinese redband letter from the Asian Philately batch would bring good fortune. In Chinese culture the colour red along with a letter is thought to be lucky. No one predicted that such a spectacular bidding war would break out at the 52nd Rölli auction.  After the redband letter found its way to Lucerne two Chinese citizens began out bidding each other via telephone link. Everyone was holding their breath until finally the redband letter changed ownership for an enormous price before starting its 9,000 kilometre journey back home.

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Good fortune knows no boundaries

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Homage to a life’s work

The union of Philately and Art On a grey autumnal day in 1972 Mr M ambled along the banks of the river Seine in Paris and not far from the Louvre he spotted something in a shop window which immediately drew his attention.  This was a new French stamp featuring ‘Femme au Jardin’ by Claude Monet.

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Philately at the Cape of Good Hope

Silent Witnesses Cape of Good Hope 1900: the second Boer war between the Orange Free State, the South African Republic and Great Britain rages on and the city of Mafeking has been under siege for 217 days.  Under the leadership of Colonel Robert Baden-Powell the British troops try to defend the city against the attacking

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